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CEN GROUP – First Est. 2008

The trusted name in the Private Security Industry of South Africa.

We’re on a mission to STOP crime and client losses

In the present world, it’s common for companies and organizations to face various security risks and threats that can harm their workforce and operations. CEN GROUP is renowned for its exceptional ability to mitigate risks and prevent criminal activities. The company is driven by intelligence and carefully plans all security operations, delivering them precisely while keeping them as trade secrets. Our approach, professionalism, and skills reflect our rich history and identity. Our impeccable track record of international security operational successes also speaks for itself.

CEN GROUP offers comprehensive security services to all clients. Our success over the years can be attributed to our extensive experience. We are among the top-rated security service providers in the world, with a collective experience of more than 200 years in international security operations across 30 countries.


Our services foundation is based on innovative intelligence, data analysis, and strategic planning.

“They are highly skilled and tailoring their security operations to the particular demands of a country or setting…” 

Paul Hayward – Daily Telegraph


Discover a Security Partner Like No Other

Established in 2008, CEN GROUP stands at the forefront of global security solutions. Our diverse team brings together elite backgrounds from security, special forces, police, and intelligence, ensuring unparalleled expertise in safeguarding your interests.

We protect, no compromise.